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PRISM is an easy to use yet powerful and intuitive tool that support the reporting of your diversity and inclusion efforts. This user and reference guide is designed so you can quickly learn PRISM as a new user or enhance your knowledge as an existing user.



The following links represent common help topic links.

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Help Topics

Help Topics

Credential & Logging into PRISM

Certified Payroll

   Logging into PRISM

    Adding a Payroll

   Password help

    Certifying a Payroll*

   Adding users

    Importing a Payroll*

Contract Compliance

    Copy a Payroll*

   Adding Sub Payments

    Audit a Payroll

   Adding Prime Payments

    Create Digital Signature

   Creating/Modifying the Sub Plan



    Workforce Reporting

   Add User


   Digital Signature


   Vendor Profile Management




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