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Compliance is where contract-level goal reporting is performed.  In short, this is where a vendor should perform their periodic diversity goal reporting. 


If you do not see this button it is because your company is not associated as a prime or sub on any active contracts.


Note; If you have been asked to report and this button is not available, you should contact your jurisdiction compliance office to understand why.


Contract List


This list provides contracts that your firm is required to provide periodic compliance reporting.  The fields available for the list are shown and additional fields may be added by performing a right-mouse-click in the header of the listing. 



The columns Position and Role denote whether you are a prime or sub on the contract and if your spend contributes to the diversity goals. In other words, what goal you are fulfilling.  Other columns are self explanatory.  However, the columns:


Sub Spend

Prime Spend


allows you to view and enter your periodic compliance information.


The Small Hamburger Menu (Action Menu)


The last column of the contract list consist of an icon that resembles a hamburger.  When clicked a context menu is shown which presents option available for the associated contract (see below)

Options for the menu will change based on your Position in the contract.  In the illustration above the Position of the vendor is Prime Contractor.


Other Features


Will export the contents of the contract list to a MS Excel Spreadsheet.


Will preserve the contract list configuration for your future logins.



This option determines the number of contracts shown on each page.




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