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Company Search

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PRISM allows the vendor to search the jurisdiction's inventory of vendors.  There are two types of searches available: Filtered and Keyword. 


The Filtered Search provides vendors with the ability to find other vendors based on specific filtering criteria and is tailored specifically to the jurisdiction's certification types. Other filters such as industry, certification gender, and race are available as well. The more information that you enter into the filters, the more narrow your search results will be.


Vendors may export (MS Excel) search results.



To use the Filtered Search,


1. Click "Company Search" on the left-hand menu

2. Select the Filtered Search tab

3. Begin typing an industry code or description (not required) then select the industry codes.  PRISM will attempt to auto complete your selection based on what you are entering.

4. Select the certifications, none or more (Checking the 'Show Non-Certified Companies' will include companies with no certification)

5. Enter any part of a Company Name (optional)

6. Select Gender (optional)

7. Select Race (optional)

8. Click 'Search' when done


Note: More optional fields are available by clicking the "Show More Filters..." link


  Icon is available after you have run the search and will export the search results to Excel.


The Keyword Search 


The Keyword Search provides vendors with a search-engine based interface.  This search provides a search bar in which vendors may enter key words pertaining to a company.  PRISM will search the following fields for companies matching the keywords entered.



To use the Keyword Search,

Keyword Search can be used in "Keyword Search" tab and searches these specific fields:

1. Vendor Name;

2. Doing Business As;

3. Contact Person Name;

4. Product Service;

5. Gender;

6. Race;

7. State;

8. City;

9. Zip;

10. Industry Name;

11. Service Name;

12. Certificate Type;

13. Certificate Number;

14. Certificate Issue Date;

15. Certificate Expiration Date;

16. Geographic Market Area;


Note: Search results can be either Printed to PDF or Exported to Excel.



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