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Opportunities show a snippet of active procurements and where to get additional information.  This list is available under the following circumstances:


1.Your jurisdiction has the acquisitions capability as part of its product functionality

2.Your jurisdiction policy and process includes sharing procurement information with vendors (outside of the normal procurement process)


The objective is to make you aware of opportunities that you may prime or become a subcontractor.  If you do not see this button, do not worry. Contact your jurisdiction and indicate that this functionality may be helpful to you.


Note: the information provided is the Opportunities listing does not supersede any information you will secure from your jurisdiction's procurement or purchasing system and/or personnel.


Opportunities Listing



The Opportunities listing provides the following information:


1. Procurement Number (clicking the linked name will provide a formal link to get more information on the procurement)

2. Solicitation Number (may be the same number)

3. Industry Codes (associated with the procurement)

4. Goals (set for the procurement)

5. Buyer Name

6. Anticipated Release Date

7. Bid Due Date

8. Description of the procurement

Note: Right-mouse clicking the header of the opportunities list will expose more columns that may be added to the grid. 


Special Columns

There are some special columns that allow you to interact with the jurisdiction.  This is predicated on your jurisdiction activating the feature set.


1. Sub Plan Locked - If you submit a bid you may use PRISM to provide your subcontractor utilization plan.  When your jurisdiction receives the plan, it will be locked to prevent modification during the bid evaluation process.  When this occurs the column will have an indicator showing the sub plan is locked. 


Note:  Your jurisdiction may not have this feature available to you.  Moreover, submitting a sub plan via PRISM does not constitute a via procurement activity.  Please check with your jurisdiction on actual procurement rules for sub plan submission.


2. Actions - A set of menu options associated with the opportunity. 



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