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Copy a Payroll

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Many payrolls submissions are similar to the other weeks.  For vendors that submit payroll manually this can be a gruesome task.  The Copy Payroll feature allows the user to copy a payroll into a different reporting week.  Just make modifications to the newly copied payroll then certify it.  This reduces the amount of time it takes to submit a payroll because the data entry is already done.


Note:  Regardless of whether a certified or non-certified payroll is copied, the result is a non-certified payroll.


See the video for copying a payroll  (4:24 min)


Copying a Payroll

1.Locate the target payroll from the payroll listing

2.Right-mouse click on the small hamburger menu and select "Copy this Payroll"

3.Select the Reporting Date for the new copied payroll

4.Enter a unique Payroll Number



A message indicating the payroll number X has been copied to week number Y.


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