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Labor Compliance

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The Labor Management Module facilitates the management of  labor compliance via prevailing wages and certified payroll automation.  PRISM allows vendors to Add, Audit, and certify payrolls over the web. PRISM provides this service by maintaining a database of wage decisions and prevailing wages for your geographical area.


Labor Management Process

The Labor Management process comprises the steps involved with adding a payroll from a jurisdiction and a vendor standpoint.  Although the processes are similar, there are some minor differences.  Most of the differences are caused by the extra feature set afforded to a jurisdiction.  Following this workflow will ensure that you have a consistent method of successfully entering employees, entering payroll, performing an audit of a payroll, and certifying a payroll.  


Hint: It is very important that you configure your Labor Management Module prior to using it.  Attempting to use the labor management module without understanding the workflow and configuring it will lead to frustration.


The following steps details the Labor Management Module Workflow:


1.Adding Employees This step involves adding the employee information.  PRISM captures information required to do reporting so this information is required.

2.Adding Payrolls (per payroll) – The step involves entering the payroll data for a particular contract.  Each employee is entered separately using the same screens.  PRISM can also import the payroll information from an external file or copy an existing payroll to a new payroll.  Vendors can enter this information via the web or a jurisdiction can enter the information on behalf of a vendor.

3.Certifying Payrolls (per payroll) – This step involves approving a payroll as an official submission.  This can be performed when the payroll information is entered or at a later time.  An implicit audit is performed with every Certify payroll request.


Other time saving payroll features are:

1.Auditing a Payroll - Providing your jurisdiction has this feature turned on, you may audit your payroll before certifying your payroll.

2.Copy a Payroll - If your payrolls don't change much, consider copying an existing payroll to a new payroll then make any changes to the newly copied payroll.

3.Import a Payroll - Have your payroll system create an output file in the PRISM format.  Import the output file into PRISM.


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