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Manage Employees

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Managing employees is essential for labor compliance (certified payroll) and workforce.  PRISM provides an easy way to manage your employees so when reporting payroll or workforce hours are required it is easier.  This page can be accessed by going to "Administration" > "Manage Employees Profile". 


The components of the page are listed below.


Employee Profiles page


1.Checking "Show Deactivated Employees" will show employees that you have deactivated from your employee listing.  Deactivated employees are employees that you have removed from your working employee inventory.

2.Used to multi-select the Employees for Activate/Deactivate action

3.Can be used to add a filtering condition to the grid. For example, if you type in "Male" in Gender column and select "Contains" condition it will show only employees with "Male" gender in the grid

4."Assign Classifications" Navigates user to the page where Crafts can be assigned to the Employees. These crafts will be available for selection when adding Payrolls in Labor Compliance;

5."Copy Employee" - It can be used if you need to add a number of Plumber employees you can create one and then use copy and changing only some of the information.

6.Add Employee opens create employee form

7.Import Employees navigates user to the page where Employees can be imported through excel file;

8.Activates / Deactivates employee. Deactivated employee is highlighted in red in the grid and will not be displayed for selection in Payrolls.




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