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Copy Employee

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PRISM allows you to copy an employee's profile.  This facilitates the entry of employees by allowing you to essentially clone an existing employee, modify key information, and use this employee thus saving data entry time.  Consider having twenty labors with the only difference being their address, name, and employee id.  You can create the first one then copy it to the others.


See the Copy Employee Video here.


Copying an Employee,


1.From the employee profile listing, select Copy Employee from the small hamburger menu


Note: The popup contains identical information for the employee that was copied.  the first name of the employee will have "Copy of" prefixed to the employee's name.  Change this to the new employee name.  Also be sure your source employee record is complete before making a copy.  This will ensure that a complete record is copied.


Copy Employee Popup



2.Modify the fields as you see fit for the new employee


Note: To copy Classification and Workforce information check corresponding options at the bottom of the copy page.




3.Affirm the copying of classifications

4.Affirm the copying of Workforce lob categories

5.Click Save


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