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Audit a Payroll

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The PRISM Payroll Audit provides a means for you to determine if a specific payroll meets the prevailing wage and is a candidate for Payroll Certification.   Your jurisdiction may choose not to allow a payroll to certify if it fails an audit.  In this case, PRISM will perform an implicit audit of the payroll only when it is certified.


Note:  This feature is only available to vendors if your jurisdiction has the feature turned on.


An at-will audit of a payroll can be performed at any time for any certified and non-certified payrolls.  This section will discuss how to perform a payroll audit.



Do I have this feature?


If your jurisdiction is allowing you to audit your payrolls you will see an audit link column in the certified and non-certified payroll listing.



To Audit Payrolls:


1).Select Manage Non-Certified Payrolls Reports from the payroll menu

2).Select the contract

3).Identify the contract to audit

4).Click the audit link


 Payroll Audit Results screen


The results of the audit is shown in the issues column. 


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