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Sub Payment Reports

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Sub Payments Reports are reports of payments made to a subcontractor, regardless of the reporting level or tier of the subcontractor. 


Accessing Sub Payments Reports

Sub payments may be accessed in two ways (illustrated below):


1.The small hamburger menu

2.Clicking on the "Sub Spend" link


Snippet of the contract listing

Sub Payment Page


Depending on the tiers associated with the contract (simple prime-sub or prime-sub-sub-sub...), PRISM determines the best way to display the payment information.  It might be in either simple grid (prime-sub) or tree format (prime-sub-sub-sub...). But the results are going to be the same.   You will only be able to view the sub payments that are applicable to you.  If, however, you are a prime on the contract, you may see all of the sub payments, regardless of the tier.


Note: You may see more columns by right-mouse-clicking on the list header.



1. "Export" will generate Excel file with the payments information. The export will contain the columns currently listed.

2. "Add Payment" opens the popup form to add a payment. There are a couple things you might want to know about the form:

     - "Date Sent" is filled with today's date automatically.  it can be changed.

     - Unique "Reference #" is automatically generated;

     - You can add existing Invoice by doing a left-mouse-click in the "Invoice Number" field and selecting from the available list or you can type your own number;

     - "Custom Fields" tab becomes available once the payment is created and has additional information which Jurisdiction wants to collect.

3. Filters can be used to specify which records you would like to see in the grid;

4. You can also group payments by "Payer" for example by clicking and holding your left mouse on the corresponding column name and dragging it to the specified area.



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