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Prime Payments

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Prime Payment Reports are jurisdictional payments made to the prime contractor.  This spend can be accessed from Compliance Contract listing,  "Prime Spend" link or "Actions" Prime Payment Below).


Snippet of Prime Payment link and Prime Payment menu option


Prime Payment Listing

The Prime payment listing provides a detail transactional level of contract-related prime payments.  The illustration below shows the components of the prime payment listing.


1. "Export" will generate a MS Excel file with the payments information. You can control which columns will be present in the Export file by right clicking on the header name and checking only the columns you need.


2. "Add Payment" opens the form to create a payment in the system. There are couple things you might want to know about the form:

   - "Date Sent" is filled with today's date and unique "Reference #" is automatically generated;

   - "Custom Fields" become available once the payment is created and has additional information which Jurisdiction wants to collect.


Note:  This button is only available if the jurisdiction has the feature turned on.  That is, the jurisdiction is requesting the prime contractor to report what it has been paid by the jurisdiction.  Otherwise this feature (Add Payment button) is not available.


3. Filters can be used to specify which records you would like to see in the grid;

4. You can also group payments by "Payer" for example by clicking and holding your left mouse on the corresponding column name and dragging it to the specified area.



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