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Activate - Deactivate Employees

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Deactivating an employee will remove that employee from your working inventory of employees.  The employee will not show in the employee manager listing or be available for payroll.  Payrolls associated with the employee will remain.  Activating the employee will restore the employee to your working inventory.


Deactivating an Employee


Deactivating an employee is simple.


1.From the employee profile listing, select Deactivate Employee from the small hamburger menu.  This selection will deactivate the targeted employee only



Deactivating Multiple Employees


Deactivating multiple employees is also possible. Consider the illustration below.


Employee listing snippet



1.From the employee listing, check the box (first column) associated with the targeted employees

2.Click the button Deactivate Selected




Viewing Deactivated Employees


When an Employee is deactivated they no longer show in any list.  To show the deactivated employees, affirm the "Show Deactivated Employees?" checkbox.  Deactivated employees will show in the employee listing in "red"



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