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List All Certified Payroll Reports

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This list consist of certified payrolls for a particular contract and a particular time period.


The Certified Payroll List

Certified Payroll List can be accessed through "Labor Compliance" > "Payroll Management" > "List All Certified Payrolls"



Note: Right-mouse-click the list header to access more columns for the list.


Certified Payroll List Components


1. "Select Contract" used to choose the contract that the payrolls will be listed

2. "Select Period" allows to select date period. Only payrolls which "Pay Period End Date" is in the selected date range are going to be displayed

3. "Export" generates MS Excel file with Payrolls currently in the grid

4.  "Want to see non-certified payrolls" navigates to manage non-certified page

5. "Copy Payroll" allows user to make a copy of a payroll. It can save time when payrolls with similar information are added each week


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