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Add a Payroll

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Vendors are allowed to add/submit payroll reports to PRISM, audit the payroll, and ultimately certify the payroll.  PRISM provides a payroll wizard that assists you with payroll report submission.  Once you start the wizard, the rest is easy because most of the data entry occurred in labor management configuration.


Hint: Because the information has been configured to process payrolls already, PRISM only needs to know payroll specific information.  This information is selectable from the drop-down lists that are part of the add payroll report wizard.


Step 1. Payroll Information



1. Select a Contract for which you need to add a payroll;

2. Select a Company for which you need to add a payroll;

3. Select Payroll End Date. Only one payroll per week can be added;

4. Enter Payroll Number. You can click on "Suggest Payroll Number" which has not been used yet for this Company and Contract;

5. Click this if you would like to add "Non-Performance" payroll. Requires Digital Signature code which can be configured on "Administration" > "Manage User Profile";

    5.1. Click on "Continue to Employee Info >>"


Step 2. Employee Information.



1. Select already created employee for whom the payment is added; OR

2. Click on "Add/Edit Employees" to add new employee profiles;

3. Select for which Classification the payment is added;

4. Click on "Continue to Pay Info >>" to proceed.


Note: In case Classification is not displayed check if it is assigned to Employee and which Time Frame classifications have. Payroll with End Date 3/31/2017 will not show Classification which has End Date prior to this date since it is not applicable. If previous conditions are fine but the classification is still not displayed please contact corresponding jurisdiction.


Step 3 Employee Information.

On this page "Prevailing Wage" section will display more detailed information about select Classification.

Here what needs to be done is:

1. Fill in pay information (Rates, Fringes e.t.c.);

2. Fill in the Hours Worked. Clicking on "Fill in with Regular Time" will fill working days with Regular 8h;

3. Click on "Calculate Project Pay";

4. Click on "Continue to Deductions".


Step 4 Deductions Information.

On this page fill in the deductions information and leave notes if necessary. After That click on "Review & Confirm >>" to proceed.


Step 5 Confirm.

This page have the summary of entered information which can be reviewed before submitting a payroll.


It also has a number of available actions at the bottom of the Confirm tab:



1. "New Payroll" will save current payment and navigate to "Payroll Information" to create a new Payroll one;

2. "New Employee Pay" saves current payment and navigates to "Employee Information". This allows to add a new payment for the current payroll;

3. "Confirm & Save" submits the payroll and navigates to "Payroll Information" with disabled calendar showing created payroll.




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