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Import Payroll

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Importing a Payroll removes the burden of entering a payroll manually, via the user interface.  By entering information into a pre-configured PRISM template, you can save time entering and certifying a payroll.   Getting data to the PRISM import template can be done manually or via automated means.  Either way, as long as the integrity of the template is maintained, PRISM will import the payroll data


See the video for importing a payroll  (9:25 min)


There are only five steps to importing a payroll:


1.Download the import template.  This is the format of the payroll for import.

2.Populate the empty pre-configured template with your payroll data

3.Locate the template on your local computer and upload it to PRISM

4.Click  "Go!"

5.View you real-time payroll import.  Respond to any errors.

6.Locate your imported payroll and certify it.


Note:  If you have a completed import template and not much has changed for your new payroll, edit the existing template and re-import it.  Changes to consider are: payroll end date, payroll number, etc.


Import Payroll


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