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Certify a Payroll

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Certifying a Payroll involves a vendor acknowledging the intent to report the submitted payroll to the jurisdiction. PRISM will process the certified payroll by performing the following steps:


1.Display a configured Certify Payroll Acknowledgment to the user.  It is required that the user accepts the acknowledgment before proceeding with the certification of the payroll.

2.Perform an implicit audit on the payroll.  PRISM will compare the prevailing wages for the classifications that an employee worked against what was reported in payroll.  When checked, PRISM will allow a user to submit and certify a payroll that does not pass the audit.

3.PRISM will record the payroll report as certified and remove the ability to modify the payroll report.


To Certify a Payroll Report,


1.From the list of non-certified payrolls, click the audit link or select "Certify Payroll" from the small hamburger menu



Exemption, Digital Signature, and Certify


2.From the Certification Acknowledgment screen, click the "I acknowledge..." check box

3.Select the appropriate exemptions

4.Affirm the "Final payroll" check box, if appropriate

5.Enter the appropriate name from the name from the drop-down list

6.Enter your digital signature confirmation code, if required

7.Click the ‘Certify this Payroll’ button


Note: In some cases the vendor is required to acknowledge an email as a final step of certification.



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