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Digital Signature

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The Digital Signature is associated with the default account.  It is required for certifying payrolls.  Configuring a Digital Signature is easy and is only performed once.


Configuring your Digital Signature


1.From the Default Account, Administration --> Manage Users Profile, click Edit User

2.Click "Answer Security Questions...Hint:  The answer to the security question does not have to be true.  However, you must remember what you answered.


Security Questions



3.Click Save Questions

4.Click Generate New Digital Signature

5.Answer the security question



6.You may upload an image of your signature or select an avatar from the right of the above screen.  this is not your digital signature but will be used to indicated that you applied your digital signature.

7.Click Next

8.Confirm the signature avatar

9.Click Adopt



10.PRISM will generate your digital signature and email it to email address associated with the default account.  Your digital signature are a set of characters unique to your account and security answers.  Store this in a safe place.  It is required for certifying a payroll.



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