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Adding a Workforce Report

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Adding a Workforce Report

Submitting a workforce report can be accomplished in six easy steps.   PRISM facilitates the process by provided pre-configured spreadsheets for you to download, complete, and upload. The spreadsheets may differ based on the workforce program you are reporting for.


To submit Workforce Report start by clicking "Add Workforce Report" from the workforce listing screen.


Step 1 - Select Reporting Contract and Program

1.Select the contract you are reporting for

2.Select the program you are reporting for

3.Select the reporting period (list contains reporting dates based on program reporting requirements)

4.Click "Continue to Goals>>"


Step 2 - Review the Goals associated with the Contract and Program

1.Click "Continue to Upload Report"


Step 3 - Download Report Template

PRISM prepares a pre-configured data entry template in MS Excel.  This facilitates your data entry.


Note: Only employees entered in PRISM at the time of the download will be configured in the template.  Do not attempt to add additional employees to the template.  Employees may be added in the "Review" step.


1.Download and complete pre-configured template for your company, contract, and employees.  Be sure to enable editing of the downloaded MS Excel workbook.


Step 4 - Upload the Completed Report Template

2.Locate the completed template on your computer using the Browse button

3.Click the Upload button to Upload the completed Workforce report

4.Click on "Continue to Review"


Steps 3 and 4



Step 5 - Review Report

1.Review the data entered into the report template.  You may modify, delete or add entries to the report

2.Click "Continue to Confirm"



Step 6 - Confirm Report

1.Check "I acknowledge reviewing the above message and wish to submit this report"  your jurisdiction will a have specific disclaimer to acknowledge.

2.Enter your full name

3.Click on "Submit"




Note: Once submitted the Workforce Report is locked.


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