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The Landing Page

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Entering the PRISM web address (URL) will produce this landing page.  The landing page is full of information that will keep you up to date with PRISM and allow you to log into PRISM.  Although the image and messages on the landing page may change, with each login, rest assured that you are using the same PRISM portal.


The official address of the landing page for PRISM is


Note:  Your jurisdiction may have a custom landing page.  The custom landing page bypasses the standard landing page (below) and logs you directly into PRISM.



Login & Password Support

Enter your PRISM credential here.

PRISM Notices

Messages from your PRISM Professionals will be displayed here.

Link to Support Portal

Link to the Support portal is here.  This is where the PRISM KB, and support tickets can be created

Usage Policy

The formal legal usage statement is here

Marketing Site

This is a link to the PRISM marketing site.  Support chat can be found here.




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